You Won’t Believe This Screwup Involving Nike And The WNBA



You Won’t Believe This Screwup Involving Nike And The WNBA | Sports Takes & News |

Nike and the WNBA were forced to pull a “Rebel” edition alternate uniform for the Dallas Wings franchise last week because, simply put, no one at the sneaker company knows how to read a history book or do an ounce of research. This is the latest chapter in Nike’s continuing incompetence when designing multiple jerseys for baseball and basketball teams under their new contracts with the NBA, WNBA and MLB. For me, there is only one simple solution: All of these leagues need to Just Do It and drop Nike before they embarrass themselves or anyone else again. 

For whatever reason (Money!), Nike and the WNBA unveiled three new uniform designs earlier this month for each of the league’s dozen franchises. Called the Explorer, Heroine and Rebel editions, each of the 12 teams was now able to don different uniforms in the same way Nike teamed up with the NBA and MLB to make and sell more jerseys. Except this time, no one at Nike or the WNBA did any research when looking into the means of the inspiration for the Dallas Wings jerseys. As a result, the league and company pulled the uniforms a week after their release. 

In making their announcement during their unveiling, the three new uniforms were said to “applaud the irreverent voices who define each team’s home city and state.” Sadly, however, when designing a Dallas Wings’ jerseys in tribute to the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II, no one noticed (in their seconds of research) that the group was an all-white unit.

Sure, they accepted applications from minority females, but no women of color were accepted, with only a few ever serving in the aviation unit.

In a statement made to Time Magazine, Nike and the WNBA said:

“The recently unveiled Dallas Wings Nike Rebel Edition uniform was designed to celebrate a group of Texas-based women pilots during World War II. However, Nike, the WNBA and the Dallas Wings recently learned the history of the program does not align with our shared values of diversity, equity and inclusion. As a result, the Dallas Wings will not wear this uniform on court.”

Would it be that expensive for Nike or the WNBA to keep a historian on a monthly retainer and run a few of these ideas past them before doing what they did with these jerseys? This is the height of incompetence that begins with Nike, who clearly did not do one bit of research before grabbing their mouses and designing a uniform that goes against everything the WNBA stands for.

How can it be that the bigger the equality movement gets in America, the dumber people in power become? Why would any franchise want Nike to design a ball point pen, let alone a uniform to represent them on a daily basis? How does the WNBA or NBA not void their contract over this?

Phil Knight has given more money to the University of Oregon, his alma mater, than almost any human in history has. Do you think the school can send over a history professor once a week to answer some questions for these inept designers who clearly follow the motto “if it didn’t happen in our lifetime, it didn’t happen at all?” It’s a good thing that Nike already has become a global force in the sports apparel business, because if an up-and-coming corporation did this, they would be filing for bankruptcy this week, and all those designers would be forced to research how to file for unemployment benefits.

All this because Nike wanted to put their swoosh on some jerseys and the NBA and MLB needed to make a few more million with all-new uniform designs. Is all this embarrassment worth it? 


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You Won’t Believe This Screwup Involving Nike And The WNBA |

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