Would Peyton Manning Make A Great NFL Commissioner


Would Peyton Manning Make A Great NFL Commissioner | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

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The love affair that the NFL media is having with Peyton Manning reached a fever pitch this past weekend as some are calling for the newly minted Hall of Famer to be the next NFL commissioner. Manning, who just signed a deal with ESPN to work two-thirds of their Monday Night Football games with his brother Eli, has clearly indicated that working hard in his post-NFL life is not something that appeals to him despite being offered nine-figure contracts to do so. Why then would Peyton want to become NFL commissioner; and why would the NFL media not look at the history of who has become the owners’ chief representative and figure out that Manning doesn’t qualify? 

I think it was wonderful that Peyton Manning, one of the nerdiest players in NFL history cracked a few jokes during his Hall of Fame induction speech to start the 2021 season. I am sure that having his friend Tom Brady around helped him relax, and after having months to prepare, the jokes he came up with were bound to make the NFL media fall over laughing. There is no denying that Peyton Manning is one of the most down-to-earth people who ever don an NFL uniform, a fact proven by every network’s desire to get him into a studio or broadcasting booth. But to think that he would make a great commissioner is a thought process I just can’t follow along with.

From what I have read, it is Peyton’s brother Cooper Manning who has long handled the financial investments for his brothers, and has done quite well for the family in that respect. That, along with being represented by agent Tom Condon means that dealing with any serious level of contract talks is something Peyton would probably be foreign to. Something that quickly diminishes his value as an NFL commissioner to the owners that may wish to hire him.

There’s no doubt that the recent financial growth of the NFL can directly be attributed to the work that current NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has done. As someone who worked his way up through the league office in the communications and business operations side of the league, Goodell was groomed to become NFL commissioner, and while not exactly an ambassador for the sport, he is the hard as nails negotiators the owners desire at the bargaining table. Which is a far cry from Peyton Manning, whose desire to be liked in his retirement is reaching epic proportions.

If the NFL ever wanted to split the job of commissioner in two, allowing one person to handle the business side and another to deal with the players more directly, then perhaps Peyton Manning could take on that role. He would be able to relate with those wearing jerseys better than anyone in an owner’s box or league office three-piece suit; but still would only be a puppet for those in those positions, and subject to the rules they give him to follow. A job that likely would not appeal to Manning or any other former player who, frankly, is rich enough to never need to work again.

To those in the NFL media who are longing for the day that Roger Goodell doesn’t terrorize their life at press conferences again, I wish you well since it sounds like there are only a few more seasons of his reign to worry about. If any of them, however, are dreaming that Peyton Manning will be taking over the Goodell and come up with some more one-liners at all of his press conferences, then I ask you to wake up and come back to reality … because when it comes to a potential Commissioner Peyton Manning, I don’t think so, sorry. 

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Would Peyton Manning Make A Great NFL Commissioner | TooAthletic.com

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