Where Will J.J. Watt Play In 2021?



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The rumor mill involving J.J. Watt is already churning as to where the defensive standout will play in 2021. Long-time NFL insider Peter King of NBC Sports is one of the many who have offered up his list of places Watt will play next season, with the teams he named a who’s who of Super Bowl LVI contenders? So, where do you think Watt plays next?

Writing for his Football Morning in America column, Peter King said this of J.J. Watt on Monday:

“If I had to guess the teams that would be most interested, I’d say Buffalo, Cleveland, Kansas City, Tennessee, Indianapolis and Green Bay.”

King correctly put down the Packers on his list of places Watt may be interested in playing in 2021 since the former Wisconsin Badger may (or may not) be interested in playing in his home state. 

Green Bay is not known as being a frequent swimmer in the free agency pool, so the Packers would really need to feel as if Watt would put them over the top in the same manner Reggie White once did to get them to another Super Bowl. 

As for the remaining five teams, I would have to guess that both the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans may not be a reasonable place for J.J. Watt. I say this since Houston did grant the wish of the three-time Defensive Player of the Year by releasing him last week. So I doubt Watt would want to come back and haunt the Texans by signing with one of their rivals in the AFC South.

My impression of Watt is that while he wants to be seen as the player who will put a contender over the top, he may not want to go to a team that has already won before he arrived; in short, there is no Kevin Durant inside #99. Which tells me that Watt may not consider going to Kansas City unless they make a big push for him, which they might.

All this means is that if you believe that Watt will choose between King’s original six teams, the only true contenders are Buffalo and Cleveland. Each of these teams are title contenders and allow J.J. Watt to stay in the familiar AFC, however, one of these teams do have a downside that the other does not.

Cleveland, of course, is in the AFC North where the Steelers reside; and with Watt reportedly telling people he doesn’t want to play with his brothers T.J. and Derek, it is also safe to think that #99 may not want to play against them twice a year in the same division. Another downside of joining the Browns would be needing to face Baltimore twice in one of the toughest rivalries in the league, something the often-injured Watt may not be able to handle at this stage of his career.

For me, there’s only one smart option for Watt among these six teams, and it’s the Buffalo Bills.

They are in a winnable AFC East division, the team has their franchise quarterback, and he could, in theory, be given credit for pushing the franchise over the top if/when they win with Watt on the roster. He would have a chance to dominate at times, and become part of a defense that needs to improve to help the Bills reach the Super Bowl as Buffalo tries to surpass KC as the AFC’s best team.

People in Houston flooded Watt’s foundation with $99 donations after learning he was being released.  Perhaps the Bills Mafia can begin their own campaign since it would appear that Buffalo and J.J. Watt are a good match and the two may help each other become NFL champions. 


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Where Will J.J. Watt Play In 2021? | TooAthletic.com

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