Two babies suffocated while sleeping in tragic Irving accidents, police say


Irving police asked on Thursday that parents and caretakers review their safety guidelines for putting babies to sleep after two infants died last week when they accidentally suffocated.

In the separate cases, the infants suffocated to death as they slept on a bed and a couch, Irving police said.

Police did not release many details on the cases, but authorities noted that in one case a parent fell asleep with the child on a couch and the child got stuck between the couch cushions.

In a second incident, an infant was sleeping in bed with a parent when the baby rolled and got stuck between the mattress and a wall.

“Please pray for both of these families during this difficult time and share these safety tips with everyone to try and prevent another tragedy like these from occurring,” Irving police said on social media Thursday.

Here are some safety tips providing by Irving police through Safe Kids Worldwide and

Never let a baby sleep in the same bed with others. Share a room with your baby, but not the same sleeping surface.

Never put a baby to sleep on a couch, adult bed, chair or car seat.

Always put your baby to bed on their back until they are 1. This is the safest way for a baby to sleep.

A baby’s bed should be firm and free of toys, blankets and pillows.

Dress a baby in a wearable blanket, onesie or similar clothing for every sleep. A loose blanket could cover a baby’s airway or make their body temperature too high.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble your crib.

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