Trump's lawyers make their case on day 4 of impeachment proceedings | USA TODAY


Trump’s defense lawyers open day 4 of the Senate impeachment trial against the former president.

Democratic managers wrapped up the second and final day of their arguments against Donald Trump, contending that the comments of loyal insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol at his behest and a lack of remorse from the then-president about the siege prove his guilt.

“We believe that we have shown you overwhelming evident in this case that would convince anyone using their common sense that this was indeed incitement,” lead manager Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., told the assembled senators. “Meaning that Donald Trump’s conduct encouraged violence, violence was foreseeable, and he acted willfully in the actions that encouraged violence.”

While not nearly as emotional as Wednesday’s presentation, which was dominated by fresh video and audio clips that harrowingly detailed the violent clashes and narrow escapes of the siege, Thursday’s arguments were more clinical and meant to hammer home Trump’s guilt.

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