Tony Romo Sees Zach Wilson Becoming The Next Patrick Mahomes


With one less preseason game, all the talking heads who cover the NFL have more time to make prediction. One of those people is Tony Romo, the highly touted, highly paid color commentator from CBS Sports who started September by predicting Zach Wilson would soon be top five at their position, by saying he has “Patrick Mahomes” type potential. 

Tony Romo is part of the lead NFL broadcasting team for CBS, working with Jim Nantz. The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback met with the media this week as the NFL gets ready for Week One and those who cover the game put their predictions on the record. When asked about Zach Wilson, Romo said he believes the New York Jets rookie can reach the “Mahomes stratosphere” and will be a top three to five quarterback before too long.

Wilson is not the only AFC East quarterback receiving love from Romo, who also said this week that Tua Tagovailoa has taken big strides this offseason, with Romo predicting the Dolphins will be a playoff team in 2021. Not to be outdone, the New England Patriots, according to Romo are “for real” and a team “no one wants to play,” and without even mentioning the Buffalo Bills, said the AFC East “is set to become one of the most dominant divisions in the NFL.”

When in comes to making in-game predictions about what the next play is going to be, Tony Romo started a trend equally as exciting as when networks tell us who an NFL team is drafted ten seconds before their selection is announced. When it comes to what Romo said above, my only response is: Preseason predictions are just like preseason college football rankings. Which means we only hear about them if they are right, and when they are wrong, they are disregarded with excuses and no accountability for those who made them. 

Love or like any player in the NFL you want, the fact remains that they will be judged on their performance, not who predicted what for them. Sure Tony Romo’s credibility as a talent evaluator might take a hit if Zach Wilson flops with the New York Jets, but unless and until he or another person in his position loses their job for making a bad prediction, then why wouldn’t someone who is a paid public relations employees of the NFL hype as many players as possible since, after all, CBS wants you to watch the Jets, Dolphins, Patriots and all the other teams Romo loves.

As a Jets fan, I truly hope that Tony Romo is right about Zach Wilson, but to have someone who is supposed to be respectable like him try and compare a rookie with Patrick Mahomes like that is unnecessary and something CBS needs to talk to Romo about. Otherwise, every time Tony Romo does an interview, he will be expected to make the same level of prediction and comparisons about every player he is asked about. Which is going to make Tony Romo a walking bumper sticker, not a football commentator, something in my mind he is already struggling to be despite his salary.  Stick to calling plays Mr. Romo, because we don’t need another Jon Gruden in the booth. 

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