Today Usa News Headline 14 July 2021


How is Today’s World?

The owners of Apt Cape Cod, a farm-to-table restaurant in Brewster, Mass., drew a line in the sand against customers’ rude behavior since being allowed to fully reopen.

The Bootleg Fire in Oregon is among more than 60 wildfires in the U.S.

Senator Chuck Schumer, the majority leader, will offer draft legislation to remove marijuana from the list of controlled substances and begin regulating and taxing it.

Democrats Propose $3.5 Trillion Budget to Advance With Infrastructure Deal

Attempt to Seize Post Reporters’ Email Data Came Day Before Barr Left Office

New York City and California are sticking with their mask mandates in schools.
Democratic leaders want a Senate vote on a major infrastructure bill as soon as next week, but Republicans are struggling to deliver the 10 votes needed to beat a filibuster.

Europe Rolls Out Vision for a Carbonless Future, but Big Obstacles Loom

A revealing look at the effort to recruit Colombian military veterans for what was described as a noble nation-building effort in Haiti but ended with 18 of them arrested and three of them dead.

Ahmed Jibril, Militant Palestinian Leader Behind Attacks, Dies at 84
Italy’s Government to Ban Cruise Ships From Venice
U.N. to Form Panel to Investigate Systemic Racism in Policing
A Manchester Mural Was Defaced by Racist Graffiti. Soccer Fans Rushed to Fix It.
Patria y Vida’ — Homeland and Life — Watchwords in Cuba’s Protests
A rap turned protest chant is giving hope to demonstrators, and playing off an old Castro revolutionary slogan.

As England speeds ahead on its reopening, Scotland is moving cautiously.

Russia’s most aggressive ransomware group disappeared. It’s unclear who disabled them.

As Virus Cases Speed Up, Seoul Tells Gym Users to Slow Down
Fierce Storm Inundates London, Causing Flash Flooding

Yellen Makes Case for Ireland to Join Global Tax Deal
The Treasury secretary was in Europe to gather support for the tax plan, an agreement that gained the support of the Group of 20 nations on Saturday.

South Korea’s top baseball league halts its season after 5 players are infected.
The suspension is a turnabout from last year, when Korea’s baseball teams continued to play while U.S. pro sports leagues went dark.

A graphic Covid-19 ad prompts a backlash in Australia.
The video appears to target younger people, most of whom are ineligible for shots in a vaccination campaign that has been slowed by shortages.
China’s Women Filmmakers Are Embracing Their Stories. Moviegoers Are Loving It.

Pope Francis Leaves Hospital After Colon Surgery
The Vatican has described the pontiff’s recovery as normal after surgery on July 4.

Parents Who Never Stopped Searching Reunite With Son Abducted 24 Years Ago
Guo Gangtang’s cross-country, decades-long search for his son inspired a movie. Now, there’s an ending fit for Hollywood.

Fear and Misery in an Afghan City Where Taliban Stalk the Streets
For weeks, the northern city of Kunduz has suffered daily street battles. Times journalists were there to document a cat-and-mouse war for control.

12 Are Killed in Pakistan Bus Explosion, Including 9 Chinese
At least some of the passengers were engineers traveling to a Chinese-funded hydropower project in the country’s remote northwest.

The loyalist marching season kicks off in Northern Ireland at a time of growing tensions, driven by discontent over Brexit, that is also causing divisions within the largely Protestant unionist community.

Together, We Can Become a Force’: Haitians Seek Change After Assassination
Civic leaders hope that in the midst of the turmoil, the country can find a way to reimagine itself for a better future.

There’s No Turning Back:’ Cuban Dissidents Feel Emboldened Despite Crackdown
Security forces took dozens of protesters into custody following a wave of protests on Sunday. But dissidents expressed hope the demonstrations would lead to lasting change.

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