This Is What MLB Teams Should Do At Trade Deadline


This Is What MLB Teams Should Do At Trade Deadline | Sports Takes & News |

Some might say the 2016 World Series was won in late July and not in October by the Chicago Cubs when they made a trade deadline deal for Yankees’ closer Aroldis Chapman. The deal, which caused some controversy at the time, gave the North Siders a top-notch flamethrower at the back of their bullpen and helped them break the curse. It is a history lesson that should provide MLB teams in 2021 a blueprint for how to approach this upcoming MLB trade deadline.

When contending teams are close, the midsummer MLB trading deadline offers them a chance to improve their roster by acquiring a missing piece or improving a position in the hopes of reaching that season’s title. 

In 2016, despite a 30-game suspension earlier in the season for domestic violence, the Chicago Cubs rolled the dice and traded away four players to bring Aroldis Chapman to their team. With manager Joe Maddon riding the lefty closer all the way to the final out in October, the team won the World Series … and while the Yankees were able to bring back Chapman as a free agent that winter, they have not been to a World Series with the now embattled closer in their bullpen since the trade was made.

The lesson that the Cubs and Yankees should be teaching the rest of Major League Baseball is that minor league prospects are just like lottery tickets. Just like those tickets, each can have a different value if you have success. However, few, if any, will bring you a grand prize, which in baseball terms is a World Series ring. True the Yankees did get Gleyber Torres in the trade package for Chapman and were able to bring the closer back to New York, but the Cubs won the deal by securing the World Series that season, and the Yankees have been, by their standards, a disappointment since the trade took place.

Just as basketball, football and hockey covet draft picks, Major League Baseball teams often put too much value on minor league talent. Sometimes this is done to hype up the trade value of players in their system, and sometimes they just want to promote the “next generation” of talent. Either way, until players do anything on the Major League level, they are unknown commodities who have an equal chance of being booms or busts once they put on a big-league uniform.

If you don’t think making a move for now is often the better move than holding on to prospects, do you remember who the Cubs played in the 2016 World Series … Cleveland, who were helped out down the stretch by acquiring lefty reliever Andrew Miller from the Yankees; and other than Clint Frazier, there isn’t any sign of that trade being made on New York’s 2021 roster.

Perhaps the moral of the story is that Brian Cashman is not the person the Yankees or any other Major League team should have making trades at the deadline; but like so many hitters in today’s game, Cashman and the Pinstripes struck out badly in 2016, and it shows in the standings this year. 


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This Is What MLB Teams Should Do At Trade Deadline |

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