Should Major Sports Leagues Create A Gambling TV Network?


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Should Major Sports Leagues Create A Gambling TV Network? | Sports Takes & News |

Word came out last week that NBA TV will have dedicated programing for those interested in laying down a few dollars on a game. The move comes from the league that has been at the forefront of American sports leagues who have turned heel, going from denying the sports wagering market to embracing it all in the name of money. To me, the next step is simple … since every sport is finally acknowledging sports gambling like never before, the time has come for all the leagues to create a joint television network focused solely on sports wagering.

Forget ESPN, Fox Sports, or anyone else, because they already have their arms elbow deep into the sports wagering market and that arm is only getting deeper, and richer. For my idea to work, I want MLB, the NBA, NFL, NHL to team up with their “official wagering partners” and start a one-stop-shopping sports gambling network, because there are people who pour over this information all year long.

Think about it, just as the basketball and hockey playoffs are beginning, there are major casinos posting odds for all 272 NFL games this fall. A season that doesn’t start until after Labor Day and we haven’t reached Memorial Day yet. That’s how important those odds are, people are already betting on those games four months in advance.

There’s a reason I want a gambling network: Accountability. 

I want to make sure that every sports league is open and honest with their fans, something you are finding more of in Major League Baseball. Where lineups are announced hours in advance for sports bettors to adjust their lines and fantasy sports players to set their own lineups in a clear response to leagues knowing how valuable this information is and catering to that sector of the audience. The next step, I believe, is going to be when an umpire, referee or official blows a call in a big game and fans not only sue the league, but the person who made the bad call. Don’t believe me, did you know that Bob Baffert is being sued by Kentucky Derby bettors because he “cheated” and his horse Medina Spirit may lose its crown.

Sports wagering is going to soon become the great equalizer with leagues, coaches, players, and even officials being held to a higher standard or face the wrath of those who watch them almost as closely as those running franchises. Because now there are governments involved in sports wagering, don’t think that a few senators won’t have some comments to make if/when one of their state’s teams falls to defeat for the wrong reasons.

There needs to be one place where all sports can discuss the issues of the day through the eyes of a sports gambler because every league is going to try and turn us all into someone who has a few dollars invested in their game of the day. In the end that means every league is now beholden to its sports wagerers in a way never before seen, and that’s a good thing, because leagues will now need to be more honest with the fans or lose the faith they need to have before investing time, or money into their sport. And that, after all is what every sports league needs to survive.


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Should Major Sports Leagues Create A Gambling TV Network? |

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