Should Athletes Be Allowed To Listen To Music During Games?


Should Athletes Be Allowed To Listen To Music During Games? | Sports Takes & News |

The introduction of Skateboarding to the Tokyo Summer Olympics has brought with it something else … athletes wearing earbuds while competing for Gold. While the sight of seeing people walking down the street wearing earbuds is common to most of us, seeing it during an athletic competition is a new experience to many. While some in the media are curious about what songs those on the skateboards are listening to, my question extends beyond the courses they are riding on. I want to know if there’s room in other sports for athletes to listen to music during games. 

As someone who is almost always listening to music while I work or travel from place to place, not being without it is almost like being without clothes. I always play my music at a low enough volume so I can maintain my awareness of the environment around me, but high enough to enjoy the words and the rhythms. Since those competing in the first ever Street Skateboarding events at the Olympics this year probably practice with their earbuds playing their favorite tunes, the ability to take to the streets of Tokyo during competition wearing them probably feels very natural.

While it may be difficult for some players in other sports (linemen in football comes to mind), is there really any reason why baseball players can’t stand out in the outfield with their earbuds playing music? Or better yet, try to hit 100 mile-per-hour fastballs while listening to their favorite beats? Even wide receivers in football are told by the quarterback when a play is changed with hand signals. 

For those around the world, can’t you just imagine a match-winning header or bicycle kick by Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo and the first question being “what song were you listening to?”

Sports and music have always had a perfect marriage with the movements of athletes flowing in the same way songs move through us. The swing of a bat, the making of a pass on the ice, hardwood or gridiron are all poetry in motion; with music providing the poem’s soundtrack. As long as it can be done safety, I truly believe more athletes should be allowed to wear earbuds during games on both the college and professional level, that way all can make some money from their sponsored earpieces. 

Let’s move away from “walk-up” music and the fire cannons to welcome athletes to their fields of battle and let them listen to the songs that will help them compete at their best. If team buses and locker rooms are places where headphones are allowed, then why not on the courts and fields too? Let athletes be people … and who doesn’t go to a gym or workout without a little music playing to help get the blood flowing? I say earbuds for, and let the best music win! 


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Should Athletes Be Allowed To Listen To Music During Games? |

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