Prosecutors begin reviewing crash involving former KC Chiefs coach Britt Reid


The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office this week began reviewing a vehicle crash that involved former Chiefs coach Britt Reid and left a 5-year-old girl with a brain injury.

No criminal charges have been filed, Michael Mansur, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office, said Friday. Mansur declined further comment.

The crash occurred Feb. 4, when the former linebackers coach and son of head coach Andy Reid hit two cars on the side of an entrance ramp along Interstate 435, near the team’s practice facility.

Reid, 35, admitted to investigators that he had been drinking prior to the crash, according to court documents.

The collision injured two young children, including 5-year-old Ariel Young, who had critical injuries. The child awoke from a coma on Feb. 15, according to a post on a GoFundMe page for the family.

The last update to the page was posted March 27.

“Ariel remains in the hospital, she is getting a little better each day but she still has a long road to recovery. Britt Reid is out everyday living his normal life while she cannot, please don’t let her story be forgotten,” the post said.

The fund has raised over $500,000 for the child’s medical and living expenses.

The Kansas City Police Department declined Friday to say when it sent the investigative file for the crash to prosecutors. The department has been referring all questions about the investigation to the prosecutor’s office since March 4.

Photos show the vehicle 5-year-old Ariel Young was riding in that was damaged in a crash involving former Chiefs Coach Britt Reid.

Photos show the vehicle 5-year-old Ariel Young was riding in that was damaged in a crash involving former Chiefs Coach Britt Reid.

Kansas City police reported the crash occurred when a white Dodge Ram Laramie driven by Reid slammed into one vehicle and then another.

A police officer said he could smell “a moderate odor of alcoholic beverages emanating from his person,” according to a search warrant application. The officer also wrote that he observed Reid’s eyes were “bloodshot and red.” Reid allegedly admitted to the officer he had “2-3 drinks,” the search warrant application said.

At the scene, the officer conducted a field sobriety test. Reid was taken to Research Medical Center after complaining of stomach pain. Once he arrived at the hospital, investigators collected four vials of blood to be tested for blood alcohol content and the presence of controlled substances.

A computer check showed Reid has a valid Kansas operator’s license and multiple prior DUI contacts, according to the warrant application.

Reid left the team’s coaching staff after eight seasons. The team placed Reid on administrative leave following the crash and allowed his contract to expire without being renewed.

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