Nike Strikes Out (Again) With New MLB All-Star Jerseys


Nike Strikes Out (Again) With New MLB All-Star Jerseys | Sports Takes & News |

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Major League Baseball is headlong into the All-Star voting season, and along with it comes an attempt by Nike to make jerseys for this year’s Mid-Summer Classic. Sadly, however, the company is performing like rookies with another swing and miss on the threads that will be used next month at Denver’s Coors Fields … and just think baseball fans, we have nine more years of Nike trying to get it right. 

At first glance, the jerseys introduced by Nike on Thursday looked more like World Cup soccer knits, which makes sense since the company most famous for their sneakers does also make uniforms for soccer clubs. Sadly, however, the half polo shirt and soccer jerseys are so different from what baseball fans are accustomed to, that the reaction to their unveiling was less than energetic.

With the game being played in Denver, a National League park, the honor of wearing the white jerseys belongs to the senior circuit. Each player will have their franchise represented vertically on the left side of their chest, with, of course, the Nike “swoosh” on the upper right chest. The visiting American League All-Stars will have a navy blue jersey with a red representation of their team under that team’s logo. While the dark color hats Nike designed for the game were fairly well received on their own merits, they don’t really match the home jerseys well, and barely are in sync with the visiting jerseys.

Granted, Nike was thrown a huge curve ball when right before the start of the season this year’s All-Star Game was moved from Atlanta to protest new voting laws. With that said, this “one size fits all” approach to making jerseys by trying to represent where teams play might work for some teams, but doesn’t work well for an All-Star Game in which fans don’t care where the game is played. Thus, begging the question why Nike continues to try to use reminders of a city with every MLB jersey they design; is that their only design idea?

I know in today’s sports world that money talks louder than anything else. So, with $100 Million a year going into the pockets of MLB from Nike, I have a feeling there is little the sneaker company can do to prevent teams from wearing their ill-conceived jerseys. You would think, however, that obtaining a little feedback from fans would be helpful to their cause since it is the fans who will need to buy up their All-Star jerseys or all the other less than perfect “City Connect” uniforms they have designed in order to make some of their $100 Million back every year.

I truly hope that someone from every Major League Baseball team talked with the designers at Nike and provided input about their future jerseys, with teams bringing the ideas of fans with them to Oregon to educate the sneaker company. I also have my fingers crossed that teams steer clear of boring Black Jerseys since not only are they uncreative, they have no place on the field for every single MLB team. Then again, with Nike unable to handle having 64 crayons to play with, perhaps the sneaker company should be limited to a smaller 16 count box to help them work through the growing pains they and everyone in MLB is going through thanks to their inability to design a baseball jersey that people actually like. 

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Nike Strikes Out (Again) With New MLB All-Star Jerseys |

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