Harris approval sinks further, but most say she’ll replace Biden


Vice President Kamala Harris is not viewed as qualified to be president by a majority of people, but they still expect her to replace President Joe Biden before his term ends.

In the latest survey charting her fall in popularity, Rasmussen Reports said that just 43% believe that she’s qualified to run the nation versus 55% who do not believe that she is qualified. Of that, 47% of likely voters said she is “not at all qualified.”

Those poor numbers probably result from the bad “impression” she has left on the country amid failures to fix the border crisis and get liberal election reform passed in Congress. There have been several reports of staff infighting, and she has been radio silent during the Afghanistan crisis despite earlier being a champion of Afghan women.

Rasmussen asked likely voters for their impression of the first black and female vice president. They are mostly underwhelmed. By a margin of 56% to 41%, those polled said they had an unfavorable view of the former California Democratic senator.

However, it won’t stop her from being elevated if Biden leaves office. His recent missteps in Afghanistan, and his fumbled public comments, have led to a new wave of reports that he will leave the White House early.

Asked how likely it is Biden will leave and be replaced by Harris before the 2024 election, 51% said it is likely, while 37% said it wasn’t.

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