Great News For Green Card Seekers ! US lawmakers Seek to Ease Green Card Backlog | Immigration News


Great News For Green Card Seekers ! US lawmakers Seek to Ease Green Card Backlog | Immigration News
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Hello, Welcome to US Immigration Updates.

As you might know that the current pace of processing by US Citizenship and Immigration Services or U.S.C.I.S. suggests they will waste more than 100,000 Green Cards, a fact recently confirmed by the Department of State officer in charge of determining visa usage, he said.

This is another major issue for the Broken US immigration system. This year as the last date of processing visas for these applicants is September 30 2021, which is also the end of the financial year in the US. And after this deadline, these quotas will be lost forever.

In today’s video we provide you the more updates on the Green Card wastage issues. If you are interested in any of these topics please stick around till the end of this video for your immigration updates.

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Earlier in August 2021, To stop this wastage, a group of 125 Indian and Chinese nationals filed a lawsuit which pointed out that in 2020, the pandemic slowed down the process and an unusually low number of family-based green cards were approved in 2020. while the immmigrats wait for the court outcomes, The great news is that now some of the US government officials are taking the cognizance of this issue.

US Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi Indian American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, along with two other members of the US Congress Kathy Manning, and Deborah K Ross have requested that the budget reconciliation package provide relief to the 1.2 million individuals stuck in the employment-based green card backlog, strengthening the American economy in the process.
They led a coalition of 40 colleagues in a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, according to a press release on Wednesday.

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