Does Carmelo Anthony Increase The Lakers 2022 Title Hopes?


Does Carmelo Anthony Increase The Lakers 2022 Title Hopes? | Sports Takes & News |

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The pairing that has been talked about for two decades was made official this past week as Carmelo Anthony joined the Los Angeles Lakers, thus joining forces with his high school friend LeBron James eighteen years after the duo joined the NBA. While the Purple and Gold seem to be collecting players over 35-years-old this offseason, Anthony continued to carry the narrative put forth by the Lakers’ roster, “Talk to us in June 2022.” The only question is, does Carmelo Anthony increase the Los Angeles Lakers title hopes for the upcoming season? 

The Los Angeles Lakers are playing the “experience” card now that their roster is made up of players named LeBron James (36), Carmelo Anthony (37), Marc Gasol (36), Trevor Ariza (36) and Dwight Howard (soon-to-be 36). True they still have 28-year-old Anthony Davis and a “somewhat young” All-Star in 33-year-old Russell Westbrook, but it’s clear the Lakers are looking to win as many titles as they can during the LeBron James era and are not looking to build around Davis, who could be with the team for five to seven more seasons.

This “win-now” attitude is forcing the Lakers to sign cheaper, veteran players who don’t need to play for money, but are looking to cement their legacy by adding a ring to their mantle. This plan only works one way, because if it proves to come up short early in the 2021-22 season, there is no Plan B since the players they have acquired are not going to be worth much on the trade market and if the roster suffers too many injuries, it will be another meaningless season for the Lakers during the LeBron James era.

It is difficult to say that any player who is 3-13 in postseason series is a solid addition to any team, but Carmelo Anthony, who brings that record to LA with him, is not going to be expected to carry the Lakers to the NBA title, rather only play a contributing role along with all the other veterans. 

Carmelo Anthony proved useful during his time in Portland and will likely make a few highlights in Purple and Gold this season. While clearly not being the difference maker that allowed him to reach the Top Ten on the NBA’s All-Time Scoring list, he now understands what his role will be going forward, making his experience more valuable since it is free of the ego he once carried with him onto the court. Anthony adds something to a roster of aging all-stars that will likely split up every game into two sets of 24 minutes rather than a 48-minutes marathon none of them can handle anymore. As a result, Anthony and all the other 35+ players have a chance to make it work during the regular season, but what happens after 82-games when teams can focus on them in a seven-game playoff series remains to be seen.

Sadly, it will be in April or May when this plan will fall apart, but between now and then, hopes will rise in LA, even if they only last until the playoffs. 

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