Chip Carey And Joe Buck Had A Terrible Weekend Announcing


Chip Carey And Joe Buck Had A Terrible Weekend Announcing | Sports Takes & News |

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Baseball fans have seen the sons of two former Major League players light up scoreboards this year with MVP level performances from Fernando Tatis, Jr. and Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. Sadly, for many of those same fans, the performances of some announcers were not on the same level as their famous fathers as Chip Carey and Joe Buck were both trending on social media for all the wrong reasons Saturday. Is this the result of their reputations catching up with them, or just proof that without their names they would not hold the jobs they do, and truth be told, they are just not that good behind the microphone when they speak? 

In a late Saturday afternoon game in Atlanta, team announcer Chip Carey was discussing Cincinnati pitcher Ryan Hendrix, noting he was the “first and only major leaguer whose last name ends in X.” Of course, Carey, son of long-time Atlanta announcer Skip Carey forgot about two Hall of Fame pitchers, Gregg Maddox and Sandy Koufax, as well as a Hall of Fame slugger named Jimmy Foxx. To make matters worse, Maddox tallied many of his 355 career wins for Atlanta, making Carey’s statement stomach turning for fans. 

A few hours later the national game of the week between the Dodgers and Cubs began on Fox, with their main play-by-play broadcaster Joe Buck behind the mic in Los Angeles. Buck, the son of Hall of Fame broadcaster Jack Buck, managed to unite fans of both teams on social media with his strange points about Saturday being Derek Jeter’s birthday rather than the game itself. 

Some fans took to social media and posted photos of their remote controls with the name Joe Buck covering the mute button. Others longed for the weather advisory warning those in Illinois about tornados that temporary prevented fans in Chicago from seeing the start of the game; perhaps a fitting prelude of the hot air that Joe Buck was about to blow into his microphone. Joe Buck also mispronounced the name of a Cubs relief pitcher named Dan Winkler, calling him Winker (without the L) to which fans called out the St. Louis Cardinals announcer for being bias against the Cubs.

Have the standards of sports broadcasting and commentating fallen so far that both local and national play-by-play voices are allowed to make such amateur mistakes? With Carey’s foot-in-mouth moment coming on the heels of ESPN’s Jay Williams being grateful that the Boston Celtics hired “their first head coach of color” even though they had done so in the 1960’s, it is clear that short of committing a crime, if someone at a network likes you, you will not be fired no matter how bad or annoying fans believe you are.

For me, what makes matters worse is both Chip Carey and Joe Buck were hired by the teams their fathers worked for and were never forced to take the harder road many broadcasters need to out of college. As someone who lives in New York City, I can remember the days of ESPN’s Mike Breen and CBS’ Ian Eagle doing updates on WFAN Radio before landing jobs as the play-by-play voices of the Knicks and Nets respectfully. Each, based on their hard work and talent, have ascended to national broadcasters, with Breen poised to call the NBA Finals and Eagle working every Sunday during the NFL season on TV and many Monday Night Football games on the radio.

Television announcers are there to provide the background information fans don’t have access to from their couch; nothing that a scroll across the bottom of the screen can provide. However, when those like Buck and Carey are handed their jobs because of their last name and not their talent, it is natural to try and bring them down, with each making it easier to do that this weekend. There’s a reason Amazon reportedly wants Al Michaels and not Joe Buck to call their Thursday Night NFL games, because obviously one of them knows what they are doing and the other doesn’t. 

With so many games to cover, networks are bound to make mistakes in who they hire, so often, however, they don’t admit that mistake, drawing the ire of fans when those mistakes get behind the microphone and make their own mistakes in the job they were hired to do. At least now, thanks to social media, we all have access to the Joe Buck button, allowing us to mute mistakes whenever necessary. 

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Chip Carey And Joe Buck Had A Terrible Weekend Announcing |

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