Charlie Weis Is A Huge Fan Of This QB Draft Prospect


Charlie Weis

Charlie Weis Is A Huge Fan Of This QB Draft Prospect | Sports Takes & News |

Another former NFL and college coach has chimed in with his opinion regarding the incoming class of quarterbacks in this year’s NFL draft. Charlie Weis saw his share of great quarterback play during the first half of the New England Patriots dynasty. The highly tuned offensive coach knows what he likes and doesn’t like about this year’s class of quarterbacks and has nothing but praise for this Crimson Tide signal caller, joining a list of others who also see the Tide rising for this quarterback’s future.

In an interview with ESPN, Charlie Weis said there are two parts to being a great NFL quarterback, “They have the ‘it’ factor. And they’re accurate.”

One quarterback that is proving highly interesting to evaluate is Alabama’s Mac Jones, who was surrounded by NFL-ready talent to work with, to which Weis replied, “Yeah, (Jones) was around good players. But playing on a team with a bunch of stars, who is the leader of the offense?  He also had to make all those throws. I think the kid is an excellent quarterback. He has less holes than just about anybody.”

Most talent evaluators agree that the holes in Jones’ game is something Clemson’s quarterback used as a strength last year. “When you talk about Trevor Lawrence, what makes him so special is that he can do everything Mac Jones can and he’s athletic,” said Weis.

And when talking about some of the other players in this year’s QB class, Weis always came back to one name, “[Justin] Fields, really good player. Zach Wilson, really good player. The kid from North Dakota State [Trey Lance], really good player . . . But this guy, [Jones], he’s the one making all the plays.  All he does is win and throw completions.”

Since the Crimson Tide have been a winning program long before Mac Jones arrived and will be for years to come, I am not sure if I can buy into the “he wins” debate with Mac Jones. After all, A.J. McCarron also won at Alabama, and his NFL career has been off the radar as a backup.

What seems to be impressing former NFL coaches like Weis is that Jones is able to throw the deep ball, which the stat geeks call any pass 20 or more yards past the line of scrimmage. In that respect, Jones and BYU’s Zach Wilson have the analytic departments of many NFL teams drooling; but how all that college talent will translate to the pro game when passing windows are smaller and the talent on defense is always world-class remains to be seen for Jones and all the other QBs in this year’s draft class.

The next two months will be very interesting for the NFL as teams jockey for position in the draft and make moves for their next quarterback. All it will take is one blockbuster trade involving one of the teams near the top of the draft to shake things up and force others to maybe follow suit as those who like Fields, Jones, Lance, Lawrence and Wilson line up to get the player they want to lead their team for the next 10-15 years.

With people like Charlie Weis not alone in their opinion of this year draft class, teams may “settle” for one quarterback, but end up with a better one than the one they originally wanted. They may also end up with the one they want and have that QB be a bust, leaving many to wonder where their scouts went wrong as the coach and general manager are fired, and the team starts all over again looking for the next player to be the face of their franchise. 


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Charlie Weis Is A Huge Fan Of This QB Draft Prospect |

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