Better L.A. Acquisition: Max Scherzer or Russell Westbrook


Better L.A. Acquisition: Max Scherzer or Russell Westbrook | Sports Takes & News |

Two Los Angeles sports team made trades last week in an effort to secure another championship as the city welcomed a pair of future Hall of Famer players, starting pitcher Max Scherzer and guard Russell Westbrook. While SoCal hopes fans might be looking forward to a season of triple-double madness from Westbrook, they are about to witness one of the best right-handed pitchers in baseball history wear Dodger Blue, for the next two months. So, if you had to choose, which L.A. acquisition was better: Scherzer or Westbrook? 

It takes a lot to impress me with a trade deadline deal, and when I saw the Los Angeles Dodgers not only picked up Max Scherzer but also Trea Turner from the Washington Nationals, they became the only true “all-in” baseball team of the 2021 season. Granted, making the trade for Scherzer is probably a direct response to the off-field issues being faced by Trevor Bauer, who is on administrative leave from the team … but from a baseball standpoint, Scherzer is an upgrade from even Bauer, last year’s NL Cy Young Award winner.

Russell Westbrook on the other hand isn’t going to make the Lakers much better.

Losing the players the Lakers had to give up will cost the team the little depth they did have. Nevertheless, with the endorsement of player and de facto “general manager” LeBron James, the Purple and Gold feel they are ready to go win another title in 2022 with their Big Three of Westbrook, James, and Anthony Davis. It remains to be seen, however, what the Western Conference looks like next season, making it too early to truly assess who is better or worst right now.

Why I don’t believe the Lakers will win with Westbrook is simple: his teams don’t win in the postseason, as proven by his 11-10 playoff series record. And six of those series were opening round series, with six of his losses in his last nine playoff series. The bottom line, Russell Westbrook puts up all the ESPN highlight making stats, but can’t put up the one stat that matters the most … victories.

One L.A. team got better at the end of the July, while the other only became a bigger and better draw for fans next season. All I know is I would rather be a Dodgers fan to begin August than a Lakers fans; but then again, it has been that way for years despite the fact that both of them won a championship in 2020.

Go ahead and root for those Lakers this fall and winter, and I will try and arrange for the Dodgers to bring both of their shiny new World Series trophies to the Staples Center. 


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Better L.A. Acquisition: Max Scherzer or Russell Westbrook |

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