BAD Crypto News.. USA Crypto Laws | ETH Mining Profits DOWN | B21 Card


Not all news is good news, and today we are reviewing BAD cryptocurrency news about Bitcoin mining, Ethereum staking and mining profitability, US new laws, and B21.
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Bad crypto news and yet the cryptocurrency market continues to pump as Bitcoin and Ethereum reach now 30 day all time highs. Circle is on track to become its own bank and make USDC the superpower they always wanted but is the USA going to indirectly ban bitcoin mining and ethereum staking well the news on that front is not good as more bills and amendments get tossed around. B21 has unique ways to buy crypto, invest in digital assets, and ach transfer fiat into crypto coins. Lets review Ethereum mining profitability post eip-1559 and all this other crazy crypto news!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Breaking Crypto news update
01:30 Ethereum mining profits down from EIP-1559
03:17 Ethereum congestion & Axie Infinity crashes
04:36 Best place to buy & host ASIC miners
05:38 GPU mining profitability
06:30 B21 is a new crypto-fiat service with a bank card
10:42 USA Crypto banning bill update
12:21 Crypto coin listings & Circle USDC bank soon?
14:15 Crypto news August 2021

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