American Airlines passengers describe ‘really scary’ emergency landing in NC


Passengers on a Sunday morning American Airlines flight from Charlotte to Seattle had barely settled in when they heard a loud boom, one passenger said.

The plane’s ascent after departing Charlotte Douglas International Airport didn’t feel normal, passenger Ellen Lynch told the Observer Monday.

“The plane was really wobbly,” she said. But things seemed normal for a few minutes after the boom.

“And then all of a sudden, the flight attendant said that we had to prepare for a crash landing,” Lynch said. “And he started showing us how to get in the position.”

The flight attendant told passengers that one of the plane’s engines was out, Lynch said.

American Airlines spokesman Curtis Blessing said Monday that the plane, American Airlines flight 2775 from CLT to Seattle, returned to Charlotte due to “a possible mechanical issue.”

Six crew members and 180 customers were on the flight, he said. There were no reported injuries.

Another passenger on the flight, Brittany Donn, told the Observer that passengers had to brace for impact during the emergency landing.

“Landed safely, but very traumatizing for everyone on the flight, including the flight attendants,” Donn said in an email.

Flight attendants had moved stronger passengers to the exit rows in case people needed to use the emergency exits, Lynch said.

Lynch praised the professionalism of the flight attendants but called the experience “really, really scary.”

“All we knew was an engine was out,” she said. “So (the flight attendant) said ‘All right, you guys are gonna get in the crash positions.’ And people were praying, crying.”

In the air for less than an hour

The plane was in the air for 51 minutes, before landing safely at CLT at 9:57 a.m., according to flight tracking website FlightAware.

The landing seemed loud but relatively normal — except for the fire trucks surrounding the plane, Lynch said.

“I was so thankful to just get off that plane,” she said.

Passengers boarded a new aircraft at CLT and re-departed for Seattle at 2:44 p.m., Blessing said.

This is a developing story

Editor’s note: Ellen Lynch was visiting family in Charlotte, including this reporter’s girlfriend.

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