A Man Who Had Ranted Against Joe Biden Surrendered To Police After Threatening To Blow Up His Truck In DC


A man surrendered following a standoff with police on Capitol Hill on Thursday, after he drove near Congress and claimed to have explosives in his truck.

“Floyd Ray Roseberry from Grover, North Carolina, was taken into custody without incident,” US Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger said at a press briefing Thursday afternoon.

At approximately 9:15 a.m., United States Capitol Police responded to a disturbance call outside the Library of Congress, where a man in a black pickup truck with no license plates was making bomb threats, Manger told reporters at an earlier press briefing.

Manger said that the man later identified as Roseberry told officers that he had a bomb and a detonator, causing police to order the evacuation of multiple buildings on the Hill. In the press briefing after Roseberry’s surrender, Manger said police had used a whiteboard to communicate with him during the standoff.

“We do know that Mr. Roseberry has had some losses of family. I believe his mother recently passed away, and we spoke with members of his family, and there were other issues that he was dealing with,” Manger said.

He added that it will take hours for police to fully assess the scene for any explosives.

A Facebook account belonging to Ray Roseberry ran multiple livestreams that appear to have been recorded from within the black truck on Capitol Hill.

Facebook locked the page, ending the livestreams, at about 12:30 p.m., after the man had been going live on and off for hours.

In the livestreams, the man demanded that President Joe Biden and other prominent Democrat politicians step down, accusing them of killing America. He identified himself as a southerner and called on other “patriots” and southerners to join him on Capitol Hill to begin a revolution.

As law enforcement snipers appeared on the scene, the man said in the livestream that a bullet to the window would detonate the bomb. He then claimed to have enough gunpowder, ammonium nitrate, and shrapnel in the truck to destroy two city blocks. The man also claimed to have four other bombs, but did not provide more information on them.

Law enforcement has not confirmed whether those claims are true, but Manger said in the afternoon press briefing that police have “no indication” that Roseberry was acting with anyone else.

Manger also said Roseberry did not have anything “serious” in his criminal history.

The bomb threat comes seven months after thousands of supporters of former president Donald Trump stormed Capitol Hill demanding the 2020 election results be overturned. Pipe bombs were discovered that day at the headquarters of both the Democratic and Republican National Committees in Washington, DC. Police have yet to identify the individuals who placed the bombs.

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