6 MLB Stats That Need To End


MLB Stats

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End These MLB Stats

The story of Major League Baseball is often told by using the stats that bind the past to the present. Yet, in this sabermetrics world that the sport now dwells in, stats have become the tool by which the average fan can be smothered in stupidity while having the love the game stripped away digit by digit. Now that we are days into the 2021 MLB season, I am begging those who broadcast and cover the games to stop giving us these unnecessary stats.

I have long accepted that baseball as well as other sports are a game of inches and stats. The inches can be measured on the fields and courts that haven’t changed size in generations despite athletes being bigger and stronger than their forefathers. Additionally, the stats that makes up most sports have also stayed unchanged since the size of a net in hockey is the same now as it was for Wayne Gretzky just as the distance from the mound to home plate or the plate to first base is the same. But what drives me crazy is when someone on social media or a baseball broadcast wants to try and dazzle me with stats that fans don’t need, just to explain something we already know. These are 6 MLB stats that has become so meaningless it hurts. 

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